Yum, beautiful regulatory variants to spot...



Jana Marie Schwarz

Jana has developped and groomed RegulationSpotter. Her undergraduate studies were in Molecular Medicine in Ulm and Berlin. For her PhD, she has created MutationTaster and afterwards decided to focus her attention on extragenic regions. To get a better understanding of the clinical relevance of genetics, she went back to university and is now also studying medicine in Berlin. You can contact her at jana-marie.schwarz (at) charite.de

Daniela Hombach

Daniela has pursued her PhD in the group and works on the development of tools for the identification of disease mutations in NGS data. Her academic background is in Biology and Molecular Medicine. She is involved in RegulationSpotter's web interface and its validation. Drop her an email at daniela.hombach (at) charite.de

Sebastian Koehler

Sebastian is a former team member. He has published articles in the field of disease gene prioritization by using complex networks and machine learning methods. He is one of the founders and major developers of the Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) and related cross-species phenotype resources. For RegulationSpotter, he was responsible for validation, statistics and tool comparison.

Dominik Seelow

Dominik is the project's PI and has to deal with all the nitty gritty IT and database issues. He's a biochemist by official education but has been doing bioinformatics (with a focus on genetics, databases and user-friendly interfaces) for 20 years. If he's not working, you're most likely to find him on his bike. Reach out to him via dominik.seelow (at) charite.de